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Precision Tooling and Fixtures

The Total Tooling Solution LaserTec provides custom tooling solutions for Electronic Assembly lines improving process speeds , reliability and throughput and thereby contributing to increased profitability for the customer.
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Wave Solder and SMT Carrier

Wave Solder CarrierLasertec offers a complete design and manufacturing service for conventional open aperture and selective solder wave palettes. We have extensive experience in solving customers SMT and selective wave soldering problems. Lasertec use the latestest design techniques and standards to provide an optimum solderware process.

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Jigs and Fixtures

Heart Sine ImageLaserTec has complete design and manufacturing capabilities to produce Vacuum Fixturing required in SMT screen-printing applications and our designs for vacuum nests can accommodate “house” and “venturi” vacuum systems and “snugger” blocks.We also produce press fit jigs for pressing home pressfit connectors ( Compliance Pin Connectors). Damage caused to pins and PCB’s due to misalignment are virtually eliminated.

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Flexi PCB Solutions

Flex PCB, we use stretch pins and sticky plates to hold flex PCBs. We provide a Simple high quality solution to position and hold flex boards throughout the production process Flatness is maintained ensuring high quality printing and placement each and every time . There is no need for any other carriers or undersupport tooling. Special aluminium material is used with silicone substrate applied to the surface . Increase and optimise your production operation with Flex PCB printing Carriers from LaserTec.

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