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Flexi PCB

We provide a Simple high quality solution to position and hold flex boards throughout the production process Flatness is maintained ensuring high quality printing and placement each and every time . There is no need for any other carriers or undersupport tooling. Special aluminium material is used with silicone substrate applied to the surface . Increase and optimise your production operation with Flex PCB printing Carriers from LaserTec :-

More About this Service

The process flow is as follows:

1. Position Flex circuits in Vacuum Jig
2. Apply Vacuum
3. Position SMT “sticky carrier” onto vacuum jig using defined tooling positions
4. Release SMT carrier with flex circuits in exact location for printing
5. SMT carrier proceed to all stages of SMT process.
6. Flex circuits removed from SMT carrier
7. SMT carrier returned to start of production line

• Simple and efficient solution for high volume printing
• 2mm thick tool alumium base, rigid but light on weight, no more cold soldering problems
• Less pcb handling, board applied before the printer and goes all they way to the reflow without any extra handling
• Already proven process in a number of mobile and automotive companies .

We work with PTH ( plated through hole) and SMT ( surface mount ) assemblies, Flex Circuits and their Gerber and DXF data of all formats to produce the best tooling on the market.



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