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Wave Solder and SMT Carriers

Lasertec offers a complete design and manufacturing service for conventional open aperture and selective solder wave palettes. We have extensive experience in solving customers SMT and selective wave soldering problems. Lasertec use the latestest design techniques and standards to provide an optimum solderware process.

Features on Wave Solder-frame and Pallet;

Sensitive component holders
Under milling for optimised solder-flow
Silicone rubber for LED’s

More About this Service

Lasertec offers Tooling & Wave Solder-frame/Pallet;

Open or Selective Solder-frame
‘Top-Hat’ hold down system
ESD rubber hold downs for sensitive components like LEDs
Custom jigs and fixtures
Support tooling for printers and placement machines
Special tooling for flex PCB printing and assembly

Design plots for approval and samples within 1 week

[caption id=”attachment_30″

SUB SUB-Waves Solder carrier III
SUB SUB-Waves Solder carrier II
SUB SUB-Waves Solder carrier I

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