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Ltec Test & Automation offers commercial functional test systems for a broad range of manufacturing test applications, including Medical Device and Automotive applications. Designed for production testing, our solutions are optimised for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost.

Functional test systems feature a scalable architecture and are designed to meet a wide range of requirements, such as:
➢ High speed analog & digital functional test – VXI, PXI, and GPIB based instrumentation
➢ High speed digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
➢ LabWindows CVI™, Labview™, Visual C/C++,.NET, C#, Teststand etc.
➢ Boundary Scan (JTAG IEEE1149.1) test integration
➢ On-board Flash and other non-volatile device programming
➢ In-system programming (ISP) of PLD, CPLD, etc.
➢ Full turnkey fixture design and integration service

With extensive experience in functional test equipment, and a broad range of software/hardware options, we will supply cost-effective production-ready test solutions to meet your test challenges. Proposals developed by our functional test engineering team include a detailed description of system requirements, test instrumentation, estimated test cycle times (as applicable), footprint, and other key specifications.
Our solutions support a full range of test applications that include in-line and end-of-line board and system level test.

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Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview

Class 3 Medical Device Case Study

Class 3 Medical Device Case Study

Class 2 Infra-Red Thermometer

Class 2 Infra-Red Thermometer

Automotive Sensor Case Study

Automotive Sensor Case Study

SUB- Precision Tooling And Fixture I

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