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LTec Laboratory Services and Consultancy

LTec laboratory Services provide engineering, consultancy and analytical services to support:

·         Component failures identified during new product design and new manufacturing process introduction.

·         Supplier selection including audit support and raw material qualification.

·         Analysis of suspect incoming material samples.

·         Analysis of high impact electronic component failures identified during PCB assembly and test.

·         Analysis of component failures identified by final quality and reliability testing.

·        Analysis of customer returned component failures.

In addition, the laboratory engineers have specialized in :

  1. Surface mount support, including:
  2. PCB contamination
  3.  Solderabilty problems
  4.  Forensics analysis of burn-damage electronic assembles.

Key Services include :-

  • Microsection, Grind, Polish
  • PCBA Quality Validation
  • PCB Quality Validation
  • X-radiography
  • External Microscopy
  • Internal Microscopy
  • Electrical Bench Test
  • I/V Curve Trace
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analysis
  • Wet Chemical Decapsulation
  • Mechanical Decapsulation
  • Wet Chemical Layer Etch
  • Plating Analysis (Solderable finish, Adhesion, Thickness by SEM)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (Zeiss SEM Analysis)

– Backscatter (Atomic Number Contrast)

– Linewidth Measurement

  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Materials Analysis (Oxford)

 Component Counterfeit

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Cross section

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