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3-D Printing

The Total Tooling Solution LaserTec provides custom tooling solutions for Electronic Assembly lines improving process speeds , reliability and throughput and thereby contributing to increased profitability for the customer.

We provide Solutions which include :

  • Wave Solder Carriers Conformal Coating  Jigs
  • Automotive Wave Solder Carriers.
  • AOI Fixtures SMT Process Carriers.
  • Flex PCB SMT carriers.
  • Adjustable Wave Carriers.
  • Selective Solder Tooling .
  • Matrix Trays
  • Press-Fit Fixtures Connector
  • PressFit Tooling
  • Mechanical Assembly Print Support Fixtures
  • Squeegee Blades & Holders

We already provide solutions to a range of  OEM and EMS custumers from …

  • Medical Device industry
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile phone manufacturing and assembly
  • Military Electronics
  • Telecommunication networks
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