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SMT Consumables

Lasertec carries some SMT consumables to compliment its offerings. Notably solder paste from Shenmao, stencil cleaning technologies from Petroferm and BLU wipes, BLU solder masking high temperature dots and tape. BLU SMT splicing kits for high volume SMT lines.

BLU provides cleaning wipes, slicing tapes and high temperature polyimide tapes, dispense mask and SMT related consumables.

Lasertec also provide custom SMT Micro stencil and solder paste.


BLU Consumables

Heart Sine Image Our mission is to deliver SMT consumables along with one-stop-shop for all SMT consumables needs. Maintaining performance standards is key to increased quality assurance. BLU supports each step of the manufacturing process from Screen Printing, Placement to Refloe through to auto Insertion & wave soldering and from final assembly to test.

More About this Service

We offer the following product;

  • Splice tape
  • Splice tools
  • Splice clips
  • SMT Wipes
  • Tweesers
  • Capton Tape
  • Capton dots
  • ESD Brushes
  • Solder Paste

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